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 Abandoned Bricks is a tetris-like cross-platform puzzle game written in C++ using SDL library

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About game

Graphics and programming by Milan Babuškov
Music by LifeSound

The goal of the game is to reach the highest possible score. Shapes fall from the top of the screen. You can move them sideways and rotate them in order to get the best fit when they reach the bottom. When you manage to complete a horizontal line, it disappears. When screen is full the game is over. The game speeds up whenever the lines are full. Therefore, it's better to fill as many lines you can at once. That way you can reach higher levels with the same speed.

For single player game there are three game modes. In Classic mode you start each level with clean screen. You get one point for each brick and:

In Challenge mode you start levels with some garbage at bottom, and you only have two brick types (shapes) for the level. You get 3 points for each brick, but lower bonuses for lines:

In Bastet mode you start levels with clean screen. You always get the worst possible brick for the moment, and next brick preview is not available. You get 20 points for each brick, and high bonuses for lines:

Bastet mode is based on the Bastet game by Federico Poloni. The algorithm is taken from Bastet 0.41. To quote: Bastet does not choose your next brick at random. Instead, Bastet uses a special algorithm designed to choose the worst brick possible. As you can imagine, playing Bastet can be a very frustrating experience!

In two player games (duel), the goal is to remain the only one still playing. When you drop more than one line, the other player gets additional garbage lines at the bottom. For two lines he gets one, for three he gets two and for four he gets three (in short: what you've dropped minus one).

Copyright © Milan Babuškov 2004, 2005.
Contact me at: mbabuskov@yahoo.com